Training institutes

  • International Mozaik
    • Coaching school where I was trained and where I am supervised
  • OPP
    • European editor of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). Certifies MBTI® practitioners.
  • Ensize
    • Editor of the DISC Behavioral Style Analysis and Motivational Analysis. Certifies DISC practitioners.

Professional associations


  • Françoise Kourilsky : Du désir au plaisir de changer
    • Great introduction to personal and professional change
  • Malarewicz : Systémique et entreprise
    • Classical work on systems approach in business
  • Richard Bolles : What color is your parachute?
    • Inspiring and practical reading for people searching for a job or refocusing their career.


  • HPB Coaching, partner in France for coaching
  • Camino 2, partner in France for coaching
  • Accojet, partner in France for coaching and project management
  • Barbara Valenti, partner in Germany for facilitating the MBTI®
  • Monagrafik, graphic designer, who designed my logo
  • Thierry Nectoux, photographer, who took my portraits
  • Sylvia Lotthé, English coach, who trains managers, students and actors in English diction