Individual Coaching

      Tap into your talents to accelerate your progresschemin de montagne symbolisant le coaching

With individual coaching, you give yourself a privileged time and space to work on your goal in a targeted, personalized and efficient manner and to find solutions adapted to your situation.

You take a step back and look at your situation with fresh eyes. You learn how to do things in a different way. You discover your talents and learn how to use them in order to achieve your goals more easily.

Individual coaching allows you to work on challenging topics: a changing work environment, taking up a new job, questions about your professional future, an upcoming expatriation… The focus is put on the present and the future.

What is an individual coaching session like? First, the coach asks the person what they would like to work on : this could be to better understand and find solutions to a difficulty they are encountering, or to work on a specific situation, or… Then comes a time for creativity: we search together, experiment new ways of doing things, and find answers. The coach asks questions, may suggest an exercise, a change of perspective, a role play, to help the person progress. The coach shares observations and makes suggestions.

A coach is like a mountain guide : he or she shows new view points, accompanies on winding paths, and encourages the client to reach the desired peak. But it is the person who walks and who chooses the peak as well as the pace!

Since coaching involves a real investment by the person and the company, the most satisfying result is — in addition to finding solutions to a specific situation — a transformation of the individual: managing a team in a totally new way, discovering work satisfaction, transforming previously unproductive conflicts and thus enhancing performance, unlocking a difficult situation…

Individual coaching can easily be combined with the MBTI®.