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Client voices

Gabriela is a strengths-focused coach who uses a diverse range of techniques to assist clients achieve their goals.  Gabriela takes clients to a deeper level of personal understanding through her honesty, inquisitive nature, and kindness.  She has a delightful manner and a positive regard for other people.
Gabriela’s coaching style was gentle and paced.  I found she enabled each session to go wherever it needed to go and was not directive about achieving an action plan until I was ready.
Gabriela provided a safe environment to share issues that I had not imagined I would bring to coaching.  Despite the distance from one another, the relationship developed quickly and was very productive.
In summary, I learned to trust my own instincts more; and to avoid ‘over-thinking’ situations.  At a professional level, the benefit of working with another coach enabled me to learn new techniques, and to experience how it is to be the client.  This was very beneficial.
I strongly feel I am a more confident coach as a result of my peer coaching round.  I implemented several new steps in my coaching practice as a result of Gabriela’s coaching. I have also built some stronger life relationships.
M.M., Executive coach, Australia

I used Gabriela’s services in a period of profound questioning about my professional future. What caught my attention first was the diversity and international aspect of her experience, which resonated with my own career path. During the coaching sessions, I particularly appreciated the serious approach, the thoroughness and the professionalism of Gabriela (seting the framework, defining the goals) but also her sensitivity and the intelligence of her approach. The work with Gabriela helped me to get a clearer vision of my career choices, to be able to recognize the value, sense and coherence of these choices, for myself but also when talking to others, and based on this, to develop the next steps in my career path. I also became more self confident and calm.
G.C., Advisor in an Embassy 

The coaching with Gabriela was positive in all aspects.
Through it, I was able to improve my image with colleagues and management.
It impulsed action plans and new initiatives.
It strengthened my managerial and communication skills and posture.
I can recommend without any hesitation!
B.G., senior manager in a large consulting company

Listening, friendly atmosphere, professionalism…
G.T., Project Manager in humanitarian aid