Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Make use of your preferences to achieve goals with greater ease

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI® is aépices symbolisant préférences MBTI personality tool widely used in coaching and in business. It helps people better understand themselves and their way of thinking, acting and feeling; this supports their personal effectiveness. The MBTI® profile reveals how a person perceives and interacts with the outside world.

Importantly, the MBTI® also helps better understand others. Done in a team, this tool strengthens cohesion within the team through increased tolerance for differences between members. These differences will be seen as valuable rather than disturbing. Each team member discovers his or her unique role within the team and potential contribution to team performance. 

The MBTI® was developed by two Americans, Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, and is based upon the theory of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. The tool consists of four dimensions:

  • How do I prefer to recharge my batteries?
  • What is my natural way to take in information?
  • How do I like to take decisions?
  • How do I tend to organise myself?

The combination of these elements defines the MBTI® type of the person. Because everyone decides on their own type, this approach is highly respectful of the individual.

The step 2 of this tool shows how we express our basic preferences, which greatly refines the analysis and makes the instrument even more useful and understandable.

The MBTI® consists of a questionnaire and an individual feedback session of approximately two hours. It can be done in conjunction with coaching or as a stand alone tool.